Why Does the Inside of My Car Smell Musty?

Are you using an air freshener in your car because you like the smell or are you trying to cover up another smell? Don't feel bad, we've all done it!

We often hear that the interior of the car smells musty. This can be a sign that your car needs a new cabin air filter (not to be confused with an engine air filter, which has a totally different job!). Cabin air filters trap dust, pollen, spores and other tiny particles from making their way to the interior of your vehicle. Who would have thought that our cars are susceptible to seasonal allergens just like we are?

You definitely don’t want to breathe in dust or pollen every time you are driving or continue dealing with that musty smell! If you suspect that you need a new cabin air filter in Bellwood, IL, bring your vehicle to the professionals here at Krafftkare Automotive today!

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