It’s Hot! Why is My Air Conditioning Blowing Warm?

It’s so hot! Do you feel like you’ve just been repeating that sentiment over and over lately? Same here! August is just starting so there is more hot weather to come. Is your air conditioning blowing warm air?

The most common culprit of your vents blowing warm air is a leak. Many people often think they just need a good old air conditioning recharge but if that’s the case, there must be a leak somewhere. Here at Krafftkare, when we do an A/C recharge, it always comes with a leak detector dye so we can pinpoint the actual leak and determine where a repair needs to be done.

 If there isn’t a leak, the next likely issue would be the A/C condenser. The A/C condenser can be leaking or it could be damaged. A/C condensers are located at the front of most vehicles, in front of the radiator, so if you’ve ever hit anything in the road, it can get damaged. The issue could be the A/C compressor or even something else, but here at Krafftkare, we can inspect your A/C so you will be on the way to cool air again!

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