It Looked Like a Puddle But I Hit a Pothole… Now What?!

We have had A LOT of rain these last few days. We needed it but do you know what all that rain comes with (besides this icky humidity)? Rain-filled potholes… either you didn’t see the pothole at all because it was full of rain OR the rain made it seem like it wasn’t too bad or just a puddle, until you hit it. So, you hit the big pothole, now what?

Potholes can end up causing no damage or they can cause more damage than you think! The most obvious issue would be tire damage. It could be as obvious as causing a flat tire right away or it could be less obvious damage, putting you more at risk for blowout or flat tire some days later. Either way, it may be worth getting checked out, and definitely keep an eye on your tire pressure.

Check your steering wheel to ensure it is still centered and ensure that your vehicle isn’t pulling to one side. If the steering wheel is not centered or you feel a pull, the pothole impact could have affected the vehicle’s alignment or damaged a piece of the steering or suspension. Definitely get your vehicle inspected if you are experiencing this.

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