How Does the Summer Heat Affect My Car?

It was a hot one out there this weekend, definitely not our typical June weather! And now there is rain and​ humidity in the forecast! Hot weather, hot roads and humidity can be a tough combination for our vehicles. As always, regular maintenance is the best medicine for getting your car through summer.

Since the engine runs hotter in the summer plus the weather is warmer, the engine needs to stay lubricated – oil changes are key. Also remember that if you are taking summer road trips, you may need an oil change at a shorter interval than usual. Other fluids – coolant, transmission fluid and power steering fluid – plus the hoses they run through also need to be checked to ensure all the systems are working properly.

Another thing to keep an eye on is tire pressure – hot pavement, hot weather and temperature changes can affect the pressure. Tires should always be inflated according to manufacturer recommendation, to avoid excessive wear and prevent damage.

Lastly, we all want to be comfortable inside our vehicle so let’s make sure the air conditioning is working properly! Often, when the A/C is blowing warm, there is a leak, causing low refrigerant. If refrigerant is low, it cannot properly cool the vehicle. If there is no leak, there could be another issue, including contaminated refrigerant, which causes build-up and clogs, preventing circulation, or a worn serpentine belt, which drives the A/C compressor.

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