Don't Roll Your Eyes at Those Recommended Radiator Hoses 👀

Have you ever rolled your eyes or just thought someone was trying to sell you when you were recommended radiator hoses? Don't worry, it's common! But, we are here to tell you WHAT your radiator hoses do, WHY radiator hose maintenance is so important and WHY they are generally recommended around 100,000 miles.

Your radiator hoses carry coolant between the engine and the radiator. It's actually a very important job, because if a hose fails, you could lose engine coolant, which would lead to overheating, which can cause extensive damage.

The good news is that radiator hoses are resilient. That being said, they are subject to harsh conditions. Think about this - the temperature in the morning when you start your car is below freezing and the coolant could heat up to 100 degrees within a single mile. This is a necessary, but extreme temperature fluctuation, which can lead to degrading of the hose inside. Additionally, any oil that gets on the hose will cause the material to soften over time. At the end of the day, they are resilient, but won't last forever. 

Remember, the most common reason for engine failure is a failed cooling system. You can eliminate potential damage with proper cooling system maintenance. Here at Krafftkare, we check your radiator hoses with every service so no rolling your eyes at us next time we recommend them! 

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